Taking Stock

Taking Stock
The latest post of this lovely Lady made me want to join in as well in order to check back in in a little while and see if and how things have changed.*

Making: a cup of tea (as it is like a hug in a cup – and a hug is something that you can’t have enough of – like, ever. There’s no such thing as too much hugging – well… that is: hugging people you actually like. Not hugging just anyone. Also, not everyone knows how to hug properly, i. e.: in a warm and welcoming, heartfelt way. It’s an art form of it’s own, hugging. But this might be a discussion worth having another time.**)

Cooking: I don’t cook. Ever. – Sorry.***

Drinking: the tea I just made.

Reading: Mrs. Dalloway. – Started about a month ago and am on page 12. No kidding.

Wanting: to take a breather.

Looking: tired and grumpy – at least, that’s what people keep telling me lately.

Playing: I’m not much of a player – in either sense of the word. But I do like a good game of Taboo every now and again.

Wasting: far too much energy by worrying about things that are out of my hands right now.

Sewing: I don’t.****

Wishing: for this green letter to arrive in my mailbox. (Should it come, it’ll probably be normal, plain white note paper, but get my metaphor here, please.)

Waiting: see above.

Enjoying: to write this post, actually.

Liking: the idea of a productive evening.

Wondering: if this letter will arrive. And be green.

Hoping: that it does.

Loving: the warmth of the sun in my face (in general, but in spring especially), the sound of the ocean and the salty breeze that usually comes with it.

Needing: a hug. Always. If in doubt, do not leave it out. I’m a hugger, what can I say.

Smelling: the rain.

Wearing: fuzzy socks. Like any respectable person.

Noticing: My ear just started „making“ a funny noise. Quite weird.

Knowing: I do not know anything, really.

Thinking: the sound in my ear might be caused by a clogged artery – I really hope that this is not what it is. I’m having a little bit of a hard time at the moment, but I kinda would like to be around to see it pass – which I hope it will.

Feeling: distracted by my weird ear (the right one).

Opening: Nothing at the moment, but I did open quite a few doors today. As well as the lid of my drinking bottle. Aaaand some bobby pins – if that counts.


* Also, I’m using this thing to actually really do a post in English.

** My rambling speech about hugging as a form of art made me think: maybe I should do a tutorial on hugging?! – Could even squeeze two out of it: a How to… and a the Do’s and Don’ts of hugging.

*** I do love baking, though. But as I do not own an oven – no room in my tiny flat – that’s not happening either any time soon.

**** The only thing I can sow, really, is a button back on…


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