High Five for Friday*

*Very very belated High Five for Friday – more like High Six for Sunday…

Still being in the spirit of the whole language thing – extremely anglophile these days, probably (but not only) triggered by the Taking Stock post – I thought I’d try to manage my first „High Five for Friday“ post – but as it is Sunday already with the addition of a sixth High – compensating. I also would like to try to make this a regular thing as I a) have trouble posting more than once a month and b) have currently no memorycapacity in my brain whatsoever. I can’t even remember what I did this morning, so this will be good training and also come in handy in case I don’t ever get that capacity back. Kay, let’s get cracking.

1) The dreaded talk I had to have with my Professor early this week actually went quite well.

2) Re-connected with some friends I hadn’t seen in a while – good talk over a good cappuccino – with cocoa. Yum – and therefore: a High.

3) Actually made some progress with my M.A. thesis this week.

4) Had a great workout on Wednesday feeling super energetic – although I wasn’t thrilled or energetic when I decided I should go. Glad I went anyway – because it’s another High.

5) Had a fun night out yesterday – although I didn’t really thought it would happen. We were supposed to have a nice, comfy, cosy sit-in with friends – which we had – but it then turned into a „I wanna mooove – let’s go dancing“ night out. We didn’t leave the place until dawn was breaking and I just love seeing the sun rise on my way back home after a fun night spent talking and dancing.

6) Had a very chilled Sunday today and did quite a bit of the things I like to do but can’t during the week as they’re absolutely not study-related.

I’m aware that this is not a very exciting list of „Highs“, but as I currently spend most of my time in the library to work on my thesis, it’s the best I can do at the moment.

Happy Sunday xxx

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